Providential view of His-story

When the United States was founded, she stood on the shoulders of centuries of devoted, brave, yet ordinary men and women who loved the God of the Bible and understood how to nurture one of His greatest conditional blessings to mankind, Liberty. The peace, security, prosperity, integrity and freedom that has longtime been the hallmark of the U.S. are all results of her distinctively Christian roots. 

America has a long and vast heritage of Biblical Christian education. Many are not aware that for the first two centuries (1607-1830), Americans enjoyed the truth and blessings of distinctively Bible-based education administered by the private sector. Education took place in homes, churches and private schools. 

This changed in the early 1800s when Horace Mann introduced a progressive secular philosophy of education that removed the Bible as the textbook and foundation of all learning. As a result, the seeds of destruction of our Biblical Christian Republic were planted. 

What is the answer? The Principle Approach© method of education is the antidote to the disastrous progressive philosophy (See and


1450 BC Laws given by the Creator God. Natural law and moral law gave parents the responsibility to educate their children to fulfill God’s purposes. “And these words I command you today shall be on our heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children . . . “Deuteronomy 6:6-7

Jesus Christ The focal point of history

1517 The Reformation The theology and scholarship brought about by the Reformers, such as Martin Luther, allowed early American education to create a unity of thought and faith to cement the nation. 

1828 Biblical roots preserved. Noah Webster, father of American scholarship said, “Education is useless without the Bible” and compiled the American dictionary to serve and preserve the Biblical roots of American principle and practice. 

1838 Government schools established. Horace Mann, called the father of public education instituted state-sponsored non-religious schools and disqualified the home as the seed of teaching and learning.

1913 The birth of socialism, John Dewey, called the father of progressive education, instituted the secular teacher colleges and the goal of establishing socialism in America through our universities, unleashing the schizo-chaos we experience today.

1962-1963 Prayer in schools abolished. The United States Supreme Court decided that prayer and Bible lessons in schools violated the First Amendment because it represented an unconstitutional establishment of religion. 

1980 Ten Commandments removed. The Supreme Court held that the Kentucky statute that required the Ten Commandments to be posted in school classrooms was in violation of the first Amendment. 

2000 God is declared dead. The consequence of denying God is apparent in the current state of education. The war with natural and moral law requires a return to the original intent for our children.