“The Principle Approach® is America’s historic Christian method of Biblical reasoning which makes the Truths of God’s Word the basis of every subject in the school curriculum.” – Rosalie June Slater, Co-founder of The Foundation for American Christian Education

 The Principle Approach® enables the teacher to:

  • Master the subject—its vocabulary, principles, leading ideas—the job and spirit of the subject.
  • Use methods that form Christian character and reason—the notebook approach, essay, debate, four R’ing, word studies, tutorial learning. The 4 R’s – Research, Reason, Relate, and Record
  • Establish the purpose of learning—overviews, timelines, maps, goals
  • Transfer the burden of learning to the student—teacher acts as governor, guide, inspirer, coach, exhibitor—the student produces the learning
  • Uphold consistently the standards of Christian scholarship and character—both disciplines and rewards
  • Celebrate learning! Integrate music, art, dance, drama, instruments, song, pageantry, performance, photography—every visual and performing art—into the curriculum. Make whole days celebration days. Create traditions, awards, field studies, presentations. Celebrate!

The joy of Principle Approach® teaching and learning is the liberty the teacher has to govern her pace, the subject content she teaches, and the enrichment she weaves into her courses of study.