Liberty Christian Academy of Sarasota is now accepting applications for Kindergarten through 5th grade for the 2023-24 school year, with three new flexible enrollment opportunities to meet the unique needs of your family.

Send questions to or give us a call at 1-941-886-4LCA (4522) or toll free 1-800-866-4LCA.

Option One: Full-Time (Affordable)

Attend LCA for less than $120 per month! With school vouchers available for students attending private schools and scholarship amounts awarded between $7,500 and $8,700, the out of pocket cost is less than $1,500. (This scholarship requires full-time attendance on campus).

Full tuition is $8,900. Registration fee is $50.

Key Benefits

  • Full-time attendance on campus
  • Full-time students eligible for school voucher program, covering a large portion of tuition. ALMOST FREE!
  • Additional donor scholarship funds available

Option Two: Homeschool Hybrid (3 days – $6,230, 4 days – $8,010)

For parents desiring to continue to be involved in their child’s education on a part-time basis with the support of a loving and trained teacher, we now have an opportunity for homeschool families to join the LCA family. Homeschool students attend school on campus from Tuesday-Thursday where they will be taught Math, English, History and Science. On Mondays and Fridays parents will be responsible for covering other electives of their choice at home. Eligible for Personalized Education Program (PEP)

Tuition Hybrid – 3 days – $6,230. Registration fee is $50.
Tuition Hybrid – 4 days – $8,010. Registration fee is $50.

Key Benefits

  • Florida State PEP Scholarships are available for this hybrid program.
  • Mathematics, English, Science, and History classes taught on campus Tuesday-Thursday 
  • Prorated fee schedule

Option three: Full-Time Flex ($8,900)

Need an even more flexible option? This option allows you to save your child’s seat and have your child attend school on campus as you choose, or choose to complete assignments from home or away from home as desired. The best part? You get to teach your child as often as works for your family. The next best thing? Your child’s seat will always be there for them, Monday through Friday. Full tuition applies. (Ineligible for school vouchers).

Tuition is $8,900. Registration fee is $50.

Key Benefits

  • Reserve your child’s seat for the whole year
  • Attend as desired to fit your family’s unique schedule
  • Complete assignments from home or in class

Enrollment fee ($25) and registration fee ($125) per applicant for each option.

Liberty Christian Academy of Sarasota does not discriminate based on an individual’s race, color, national origin, age, sex, or disability.